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Tea Room 

Saturday Daytime (4-hr event block)-$800
Saturday Evening (4-hr event block)-$800
Sunday- Friday Daytime (4-hr event block)-$600
Sunday- Friday Evening (4-hr event block)-$800
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Front of the Inn

Includes Salon, Library, Dining Room, Front Patio

Saturday Daytime (4-hr event block)-$1,200
Saturday Evening (4-hr event block)-$3,000
Sunday- Friday Daytime (4-hr event block)-$1,200
Sunday- Friday Evening (4-hr event block)-$1,200


Saturday Daytime (4-hr event block)-$300
Saturday Evening-N/A
Sunday- Friday Daytime (4-hr event block)-$300
Sunday- Friday Evening (4-hr event block)-$500
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Main Floor

Includes Salon, Library, Dining Room, Front Patio, Tea Room and Back Courtyard

Saturday Daytime (4-hr even block)-$1,800
Saturday Evening (4-hr block )-$3,600
Sunday- Friday Daytime (4-hr event block)-$1,600
Sunday- Friday Evening (4-hr event block)-$1,800
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Meet Dorrys- Your Event Stylist

"Thank you! My event was even better than I imagined!" are the words Dorrys McArdle, Director of Sales & Events, loves to hear and hears often from Morehead Inn clients. She has been in the event and relationship-building industry for over 25 years. Beginning as Something Classic's first event coordinator, she joined the Morehead Inn staff in the mid 1990s. After hosting a wide range of events and raising funds for Duke University, Duke Cancer Center, and Cary Academy, she is back in the Queen City working with the same respected Charlotte establishments she started with years ago.

Dorrys prides herself on listening to and working with each client individually to plan the experience each one is eager to create. She excels in tailoring each event to her clients' specific needs. Personable, flexible, and accessible, she has a passion for her clients that is evident upon meeting her. The event process is a bit unique at the Morehead Inn given the total involvement Dorrys has with her clients, start to finish. From the initial inquiry and tour, throughout the planning process, to on-site execution on event day, she works diligently to bring events together and pull everything off as seamlessly as possible.

Combine the cozy elegance of the Inn, its prime location to uptown, the beautiful Dilworth neighborhood, the outstanding menus and presentation provided by Something Classic, and the sincere southern hospitality offered by Dorrys and staff, and you have a wonderful venue for an intimate wedding weekend, celebratory family events, corporate off-sites
and every event in-between. 




Whether you crave international ingredients, something spicy, or comfort food that reminds you of your childhood, you'll get your fill with our delish menu's